"THE GREEK ASSOCIATION FOR SELF ESTEEM- EL.E.A.S", which was founded by Dr. Vicky Simou, functions from 2011 under the approval number 5354/2011-Single-judge of first instance in Athens. "THE GREEK ASSOCIATION FOR SELF ESTEEM- EL.E.A.S" aims to provide the value of personal awareness and the uniqueness of the completion of Self-esteem in the Greek society. Behaviors that are characterized by values, responsibility and integrity should be paramount in families, schools, Governmental sectors, and workplace and in any place where negative behaviors are shown.

The founding members-executives of EL.E.A.S have attended and successfully graduated from the two-year Program of Self-Esteem. The program of self –esteem and counseling was evaluated and certified by the Counseling Psychology Department of the Aegean University of Greece. The issues that are covered concern self – esteem in Schools and Adolescence, self –confidence of Adults and Systems. It is used for community adaptation as well as a combination with a foreign language and Self- Esteem. The educational duration of the self –confidence program is two years with once a month follow-up. EL.E.AS also runs summer school education in self –esteem. This year it will take place and be realized in the island Amorgos of Greece, where the most parts of the movie Le Grand Bleu (The Big Blue) were shot. The covered issues will be :

•        The psychotherapy of self –esteem
•        The self –confidence in the systems – Appreciative inquiry- The principles of Heliotropes

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*Kindly note that island prices are very low.


Τηλέφωνο - FAX : 2109627259

E-mail : info@europe-esteem.gr