Miss self-esteem counselor enters the room smiling. She is calm and radiates self-confidence and acceptance for others.  Everybody expects her arrival with eagerness and anticipation. She can touch our souls and heal our wounds. She can make us feel good about ourselves. Her mission is to look for the positive in every person and bring it out. Her talent is catching other people doing something good and giving them credit for it.

         She teaches us to appreciate everything we do no matter how small or insignificant we may think it is. She points out the importance of self-esteem in order for us to feel happy and self-fulfilled. She urges us to locate our own talents and abilities and she shows us how to use them to build our own self-esteem. This is the way to overcome the things that haunt us from the past and bring significant changes to our lives.

         Furthermore, Miss self-esteem counselor helps us to open up to other people. She teaches us how to use positive words when talking to others. It is a real art and her job is difficult because we have all been trained to do exactly the opposite. Armed with patience she leads us to the bright path of expressing ourselves in a positive way and reveals the fruit we can reap: friendship, love, understanding....With Miss self-esteem counselor as our guide we can all taste these fruits and make our lives bloom.

        Miss self-esteem counselor prepares people’s souls for a revolution. A revolution that starts from within every human being against misery, depression, alienation and loneliness among others. She sets us free from unhappiness. Moreover, she opens up our souls and helps us to fully accept ourselves as well as build bridges that connect us to our fellow human beings.

        The people who experience internal freedom, happiness and satisfaction from their lives become sources of light who radiate positive feelings and in their turn affect others positively. They become parts of a great and strong chain of centres of “emotional light” whose beginning can be traced back to Miss self-esteem counselor. These emotional centres affect other people’s souls and lives. Miss  self-esteem counselor will never meet all those people she has affected and for whom she was the inspiration for the transformation of their lives. She will never know how much she has contributed to the creation of a wonderful and meaningful life for hundreds of people, but we are all grateful to her.

        Thank you Miss self-esteem counselor.
                                                                                                            Vasso Bouldoumi
                                                                                                            Athens, Greece


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