• You are beautiful, intelligent, and humorous. Sometimes you break on my nerves however, I only feel so much close to you.
  • In the beginning I thought you were a nerd, but now I feel that I can trust you.
  • When I am sad, you make me laugh with your sense of humor. When I am in at home alone I remember your jokes and I break out in laughter.
  • “When you began to teach us Self-esteem, I felt something like freedom inside of me. The board with the rules helped a lot –now  I have stopped hitting the other children. This year, in High school, “I had no clashes” with children and I am very proud of it.” (This child when he was in the 3rd grade in public school he was in a gang bullying other children and stealing mobiles. After the Program for self –esteem he found the website of Greek Association for self –esteem and no he promotes this to other children). 
  • “I was afraid in the beginning, but now I leave in full satisfaction, joy and power. From what it appears I finally found light in the tunnel… I thank you that you helped me clarifying sort of things.”
  • “Through the course of self –esteem  I felt l ike finding my real self. I felt familiar with the things around me, I felt a heat and soft  light surrounding our team. We linked together, we became a big family. We became social and loving. We faced difficult situations with composure. We helped and were helped, thank you!”

Sparkles of adolescents functioned as the program of self–confidence in this order:

  • I wonder what brought me here today. Is it my craving or what I ache for? Finally, it is both of these. I crave and I ache.
  • I thank my soul that listened to me and went to learn and love and believe more in me. THANK YOU!!!


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